Are you getting the correct intelligence about your customers' buying behaviour?


Vserv integrated attribution solutions

for comprehensive offline & online measurement.

Why do you need Vserv View Attribution in your marketing arsenal?

91% of the people who are likely to buy your products don’t even click on your ads

Digital ad expenditure per user is rising at a fast pace and measurement is the key to improved budget utilization

So, how can you measure the Online & Offline impact of every AD served to users?

  • Online Attribution Solution

    Enabling you to measure if your ad spends enticed the exposed users enough to check your app or make a transaction online.

Measurement that matters

Did the user visit your app/site?

Did they add a product to the cart or made successful transactions?

How many of your exposed users actually converted?

Do they check out a product online and purchased offline?

how it works

  • Attribution window stretches from during the campaign to post-campaign

  • Attribution is measured throughout the campaign duration

  • Advertisers can further choose a campaign window ranging from 7 days to 15 days post the campaign’s end date

  • Offline Attribution Solution

    Get granular insights on your ad spends to ROI on your footfall campaign. With our Location Visit Attribution Analytics get the answers that you seek for your marketing ROI

Measurement that matters

How many footfalls did I get to my stores due to the campaign?

Which media channel drove the most number of store visits?

How much does it cost to drive a footfall to my store?

Which stores received max/minimum footfall?


Unified, easy, secure and complete measurement

Robust and agile data privacy-first solution for both publishers and advertisers

No Manual interaction with the data

State of art data protection and encryption provided by Vserv

Versatile Solution that can be hosted on Vserv Marketing Cloud or Advertisers On-Premise

24/7 dedicated professional support teams